It’s 6:30. Do you know where your dinner is? With Roberta S. Lang Personal Chef Service, a delicious dinner would be on the table. And tomorrow there would be something equally wonderful to eat.

Let’s face it, it’s enough of a challenge to keep up with the family’s schedule. You want to sit down together to a healthful meal, but you don’t always have the time to plan, shop for and prepare dinner. That’s where I come in.

I can keep your refrigerator and freezer stocked with meals that take only minutes to get on the table, so you and your family have more time to enjoy the things that are most important to you.

Or maybe you’re a retired couple with some health issues and not as much energy as you used to have. I can customize a menu and service that meets your needs so you can conserve your energy while still getting balanced meals.

Helping a Non-Cook put Delicious & Nutritious Meals that Meet Strict Dietary Requirements on the Table.
Roberta Lang has provided my wife and I with a variety of delicious meals tailored to our varied dietary requirements. Not only have they all been excellent, but her preparation instructions have been easy to follow, resulting in perfect meals that even I, as a non-cook, can accomplish.
Don Hulbert, Bainbridge Island